Project info

  • Client:DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen
  • Date:January, August, October 2016
  • Skills:InDesign, Photoshop

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen: Print ads, Banners and Tempates

My design professor at Baylor recommended me to Dream Maker Bath & Kitchen's Waco office when they reached out to him. They needed a designer to create ads for publications for specific audiences. They also needed templates built for future sure. In January, I created a Seminar ad in four sizes, four ads in their Conversation series, each in seven sizes, and four banners for events. In August, another office reached out to me for a two-part project. I created two more seminar ads in the first round, and then another seminar ad in the second round in October. Another office also reached out to me in August for promotional card. Each piece had to remain on brand, using DreamMaker's specific colors and fonts, while maintaining a cohesive feel and message, especially in the Conversation series.